SOUNIO Sightseeing (half day)
A place in the south of Attiki on a cape. In the ancient times it was one of the Attician settlements that consisted the city of Athens. There were two sanctuaries : one dedicated to Poseidon and another one dedicated to Athena. The temple of Posidonas. It is situated on the peak of a hill. There was an archaic temple in the same position, which was destroyed by the Persians before the battle at Marathon (490 BC). The temple was built in 444 - 440 BC and it was abandoned in the 1st century AD The sanctuary of Athena. It is situated on a lower hill and it includes two neighboring sanctuaries : an archaic one and a classical one. This temple was built in the 5th century BC It was disbanded and transferred in Athens in the 1st century AD It was also made of marble from Agrilezas. There was a smaller temple with an altar near to this temple. This one was built by stones and it was believed to be dedicated to a hero from Attiki.

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