Athens by night
The night life of Athens never slows down, the streets are always busy day and night. We, the Greeks love our social life, and a large part of that is dining out with family and friends. A drive through vibrantly lit Athens, with the beautifully-lit Acropolis at its centre, will be an unforgettable experience. After visiting the main streets and most important landmarks of the city, you will finally walk through the taverns of Plaka, the oldest neighborhood of Athens surrounding the famous Acropolis. While tasting the well-known Greek cuisine with its fresh ingredient and sipping wine from the barrel, you will be entertained with live music (bouzouki) and a performance of traditional Greek dances where you will be invited to join and learn a few steps.
72 Fokionos Negri, Kipseli, PS 11361, Athens - Greece
Tel. +30.210.3221483, +30 210 3221484
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